Alina Selega and Peggy Series
Tue 10 May 2016, 11:00 - 12:00
IF Room 4.31/4.33

If you have a question about this talk, please contact: Gareth Beedham (gbeedham)

Alina Selega

"Robust statistical modelling greatly improves sensitivity of high-throughput RNA structure probing experiments"

Structure probing coupled with high-throughput sequencing can greatly extend our understanding of the role of RNA structure in regulation of gene expression. Despite major technological advances, intrinsic noise and high coverage requirements greatly limit the applicability of these techniques. I will present a probabilistic modelling pipeline which accounts for biological variability and biases in the data, yielding statistically interpretable scores for the probability of nucleotide modification transcriptome-wide. I will also highlight a number of advantages of our method compared to the existing pipelines and previously reported results.