Wireless power transmission (WPT) is becoming an increasingly important issue, especially in the field of buried sensors networks, IoT and home automation. The first objective of WPT is to be able to wake up an electronic device from a distant electromagnetic source so as to remove the power consumption in sleep mode. A second more ambitious objective is to be able to feed a buried batteryless electronic sensor, allowing it to perform one or more tasks (sensing and/or computation and/or communication) before going back into sleep again.

Time reversal (TR) processing is a technique for spatially and temporally focusing waves at one or more points of space, which optimizes the power transmission efficiency between an electromagnetic source and a distant electronic device. In comparison with a continuous wave based WPT, the time reversal based WPT has been proved to be particularly valuable in complex propagation media. Furthermore, the focalization property of TR is a natural advantage regarding (i) the security of information since the signal is coherent only at one point of space, and (ii) the security of people, since energy is high only at one point of space and significantly lower at any other location.

In this talk, the principle of TR processing of electromagnetic waves and its application to WPT will first be presented. In a second part, recent results concerning the application of TR-WPT to passive RFID systems will be discussed.

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