Thursdays, 5:15pm, Room: Appleton Tower, 2:12


Thursday 22 September:  Professor Callum Brown (University of Glasgow)

            ‘Becoming Atheist: How Scots lost Religion in the 20th Century’


Thursday 29 September:  Dr Julian Goodare (University of Edinburgh)

            ‘Debating Teinds in Early Modern Scotland’


Thursday 6 October:  ‘Banquo’s Ghost: England in the Irish and Scottish Historical Imagination’, Roundtable discussion featuring HCA postgraduates, Joint meeting with Irish History seminar


Thursday 13 October:  Dr Siobhan Talbott (Keele University)

            ‘“What cannot be helped must be indured”: British Merchants and the “Anglo-Dutch” Wars, 1652-1678’


Thursday 20 October:  Patrick Watt (University of Edinburgh)

            ‘A Statistical Minefield: Scotland, the Great War and the Manpower Myth’


Thursday 27 October:  Laura Paterson (University of Strathclyde)

            ‘“Sprueling in thair deid thrawis”: Violent Attacks on Animal Property in Early Modern Scotland’


Thursday 3 November:  Professor Robert Anderson (University of Edinburgh)

            ‘A Scientist in Politics: Lyon Playfair (1818-98) and Scottish Education’


Thursday 10 November:  Professor Bob Harris (University of Oxford)

            ‘Fantasy, Gambling and British State Lotteries in the long Eighteenth Century’


Thursday 17 November:  Joanna Tucker (University of Glasgow)

            ‘Rethinking Scotland’s Earliest Cartularies’


Thursday 24 November:  Dr Leonie James (University of Kent)

            ‘Archbishop Laud and the Scottish Crisis, 1637-9’


Thursday 1 December:  Laura Harrison (University of Edinburgh)

            ‘Monuments, Murals & Monikers: Nineteenth-Century Commemorations of the Scottish Wars of Independence’

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